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Opti-Coat Ceramic Clear Coating

Opti-Coat Ceramic Clear Coating

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Synthetic sealant versus Carnauba wax

There are two main differences between a sealant and a wax. A sealant will give a higher, more reflective shine and will last around 6 months while a wax will have a deeper, more wet looking shine , but only last 3 months at best.
Too get the best possible result a sealant can be topped with a wax, giving the best of both worlds. The down side to this process is that the sealant will need to cure for at least 12 hours prior to applying a wax.

All-in-one polish.

These types of polish contain both mild abrasives and a sealant or wax.
These are an ideal quick fix solution, but will not have the same results as individual products.


Glazes are neither a sealant or wax and have minimal protection qualities. They will normally contain fillers which literally fill very minor swirls and scratches rather than remove them. Fillers will eventually be washed out exposing the original marks, but the better the glaze the longer it will last. I would normally only expect a glaze to last a maximum of 6 weeks depending on wash frequency and where the vehicle is stored.


Compounds are used to remove things such as, oxidisation, scratches, swirl and buff marks. They range in abrasive levels and with the correct combination of buffing pads can restore paint finishes. Compounds should not be handled by novice car cleaners as they can easily induce damage to the paint surface rather than remove it.