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Opti-Coat Ceramic Clear Coating

Opti-Coat Ceramic Clear Coating

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Just like you wouldn’t expect your engine to continue operating correctly without the proper care and maintenance, the same rule applies to it’s overall condition. Just like your skin, exterior surfaces will deteriorate in time if they are not given the correct care and protection.

Interior fabrics and trims will wear and stain prematurely if dirt and grime is allowed to build up. Leather will also prematurely wear if not kept clean and nourished with the correct car care products.

Cargleam can provide a regular maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible, using some of the best car care products available.

It is recommended that vehicles be cleaned at least fortnightly to prevent unnecessary wear to all surfaces. * Conditions apply*

A maintenance cleans starts from just $65.

Maintenance Plus

While a standard maintenance clean is recommended for the general up keep of your vehicle, our maintenance plus clean will provide further protection by conditioning interior and exterior plastics.
Conditioning surfaces will help prevent UV rays from breaking down these components, which may cause fading and cracking.
All Cargleam products used are of the highest quality and contain no silicone. Silicone can shorten the life of interior and exterior plastics when exposed to sunlight, in a similar way to which coconut oil can prematurely age skin.* Conditions apply*

A maintenance cleans starts from just $100.

Mini detail

Whilst even the best maintenance will significantly reduce ageing, there are still items that will need extra attention about every 3 – 12 months, depending on the conditions your vehicle are exposed to.

Leather surfaces should be cleaned and treated approximately every 6 – 12 months, paint should be sealed every 6 – 12 months and fabrics should be cleaned also within approximately 12 months.

A mini detail starts from just $200.

Full detail

This is the package which contains the works. All aspects of our mini detail are covered , including both a sealant to the exterior and complete interior detail. A full detail will also include an engine clean. This is a great package for those seeking a quick sale of their vehicle with maximum sale price received or, for those who want to bring their vehicle back to life again.

Full detail starts from $350

Paint Correction

The basic principles of paint correction are simple, but unfortunately more often than not the process is not carried out correctly.

At Cargleam we specialise in many levels of paint correction, from a single stage machine polish, right through to a multi stage cut and polish that will completely transform your vehicle.

The difference between a single stage polish and multi stage polish are as the name suggests. A single stage polish requires one stage of machine polishing, which will remove minor swirl marks and scratches. A multi stage polish on the other hand will include multiple stages of polishing, starting with heavy cutting to remove heavier imperfections such as oxidisation, heavy swirls and deeper scratches.

After imperfections have been removed it’s more a matter of refining, as heavy cutting will leave marks of its own. While not all scratches etc may be able to be completely removed a multi stage polish will reduce these marks significantly. This process can be very time consuming and while the cost can be high, the results will be outstanding. As second hand vehicle prices fluctuate dramatically, this process can be the difference between a long drawn out sale, often resulting in vehicles being sold for a lot less than they are worth to a sale that is quick, easy and with a far greater return. More often than not the return to the seller will far outweigh the cost of correction, with literally thousands of dollars being added to some vehicles.

Packages for the budget conscious

At Cargleam we realise that quite often money can be tight and as a result some of our packages may seem unaffordable to some.

While these packages may be classed as normal procedure to many detailers, at Cargleam we know that they will only partially fix the problem. 

For this package either an all-in-one polish, or polish containing fillers are used. Both all-in-one and filler polishes contain minor abrasives, which will remove only very light marks, as well as adding a slight coating of protection. Despite the fact we use only the highest quality all-in-one and filler products, which will improve the overall finish of your vehicle, neither product will have the same finished results or longevity as using separate processes as described in Paint Correction

Interior detailing

This is a package which aims at rejuvenating the interior fabrics and leather in your vehicle. While we know many people enjoy cleaning their own vehicles, sometimes things like spills and everyday grime on interior surfaces can be unpleasant to the eye and quite often the nose. While there are many products available that claim to clean fabrics, most will only mask the problem. One of the only ways of permanently removing these problems is with deep cleaning, where dirt and grime is removed via shampooing, leaving a clean fresh and smelling interior, rather than just cleaning top surfaces.